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What's a Vital?

Think of a Vital as a quality book note. It contains all the important information from a book:

  • main ideas
  • quotes
  • actions
  • pictures

As you read, BookVitals is there to help you extract this essential information and make it easier to take notes.
Creating a Vital is the best way to remember what you read!

Creating Vitals is easy and fun

All your book note-taking tools in one app:

  • extract paragraphs by taking a photo
  • create to-dos per book
  • organize your book page photos
  • set-up reminders for important ideas

And don’t worry, all Vitals have the same format, giving you a clear structure to follow when creating your book notes and making information easy to find later on.

Featured Vitals

Get inside the mind of friends and authors

Discover new Vitals in the social feed. It’s like getting inside the mind of another reader. You can:

  • find Vitals created by book-lovers
  • share Vitals with friends and followers
  • read Premium Vitals, written by top writers
  • listen to Premium Vitals anytime, anywhere

Premium Vitals are professionally written notes that give you a complete book summary. They even have narrated audio versions, so you can listen to them in the car, at the gym, or anywhere else!

Add a quote and the app does the rest

A picture is worth a thousand words.
With BookVitals, it’s easy to create beautiful picture quotes. Just take a photo of the page containing the paragraph you like, and the app automatically detects what the quote is about, giving you matching backgrounds to use. Add them to your Vitals in the Quotes section or share them with friends!